Quality Policy


Oktan Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. was incorporated with the intention of catering into a national need that existed in the contemporary Sri Lanka. As a developing country which has not still reached the boundaries of economical success, we are in need of a foundation of basic strategies that help the reduction of the cost of production and increase the savings of the country. With the intention of backing this national vision, the company too consists of a system of values and a vision directed towards contributing to a strong economy and a greener country.

The company at all times is driven by the vision of supplying the best quality products to the customers and by adhering to this, it has gained the potential of climbing the ladder of success in a short time span and winning the trust of the customers. By continuously investing in research and development regarding the products that are less harmful to the environment and more profitable to the clients, the company continues to contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

Moreover, the company is bound to utilize only the certified and quality material and equipment to manufacture the products in order to maintain the quality of the products that reach the market under the name of the company. The trained and the well qualified staff adds value to the quality of the products manufactured by the company and the continuous training programmes and updating them regarding the cutting edge technology, make them more competent to meet the challenges encountered.

Oktan Marketing continuously adheres to the international quality standards in order to maintain the quality of the products and to provide the customers an assurance. Through customer feedback, we identify the drawbacks of the products and apply methods and strategies that can be used to improve their quality.

Furthermore, the company maintains a supreme customer service identifying their specific needs and requirements. Through a friendly relationship with the customers, we strive to bind their trust and confirm it by providing quality products. Since only the professionals are engaged in every step of the manufacturing as well as the customer service process, the ultimate quality of our customer service is assured. Eventually, it should be noted that the company strives to conform to the quality standards throughout the years to come and perform profitably in the market while ensuring to contribute to the economic development and the sustainable environmental development of the country.


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