Net Metering

Net metering is a program that lets you install a small renewable energy system, such as solar and wind, to reduce your electric bills and earn extra credit by sharing excess electricity with the utility company.
You’ll still be connected to the public grid. That way, in the event that you need more electricity than you get from the solar power system generate, the usual public grid will give you the electricity.
Likewise, if your solar PV system generates more electricity than you use, that extra electricity is exported into the public grid, and you’ll get credit on your bill for it from the electricity company (CEB/ LECO).

Net Meter

For net metering you need a special meter called a net meter installed to record the difference between the amount of electricity your system exported to the electric grid, and the amount of electricity you take out of the grid.
Okatan brings you the high quality, reliable and durable net meters from the world renowned brands for our customer.
Cimax and QJ

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) Panels

Solar panels are one of the most popular sustainable solutions to date. The uptake of solar solutions worldwide has grown by approximately 50% per year for the last decade and continues to grow year on year.
It is now a proven mass-produced technology, typically sold with a 25 year performance guarantee and a life expectancy of 40+ years.
Solar PV systems are relatively simple, there are no moving parts and we are able to offer a maintenance contract on any Solar sense system installed to retain its performance and safeguard it from possible breakdowns.
Solar PV panels are generally best installed on roofs with little shading, however, with technological advancements it is possible to generate a yield from any orientation.
Solar panels can be fitted almost anywhere and can take the form of glass, roof tiles, slates, membranes and more.
There a range of different panel types – all of which have a range of benefits and drawbacks and can be utilised to create an optimum solution

Our Products

We use the very best performance-guaranteed, tier 1 products from brand names including LG, SunPower & AUO (Ben Q) to name a few.
Installing solar panels is a long-term decision and therefore it makes sense to choose quality products that will not only perform now but continue to generate in 40+ years.

How do solar PV panels work?

Sunlight is made up of photons, and when it hits the semi-conductor metal of the PV panel, electrons are released; these electrons form a direct current. People have been using PV for years; your pocket calculator for example typically has a number of PV cells. NASA has been using and developing this technology for years; satellites and other space going bodies rely on this technology to produce the power in order to run.

Solar Solutions

We offer wide range of customized solar power solutions for small, medium and large enterprise and residential needs.



Transform your home to energy independent powerhouse with our domestic solar power system. The solar power system can reduce your electricity bill significantly and in addition it can generate money for you (Net metering).
And most importantly, don’t forget the contribution you make to the environment .You become eco- friendly and a direct contributor to the sustainable development of the country.



Businesses are constantly struggling to move forward while generating revenues. But the soaring energy cost keep them stagnate in their market and apprehend the growth of the company.
Now you can dramatically reduce the energy cost by installing a solar PV system .We offer customized commercial solar solutions fit to your energy requirements and the size of the establishment.
Become a trend setter in your respective industry by going green with Oktan Solar power solution and contribute to the sustainable development of the country.


Inverter converts Direct Current (DC), the solar panels produce, to Alternating Current (AC) your home appliances use. Simply put inverter gives you the home appliance-friendly electricity. The inverter also performs various safety functions, constantly monitoring the grid and switching off in the event of a fault or major fluctuation in mains supply.
All of our inverters are durable industry standard products carefully selected for reliable performance and to match with the Sri Lankan climatic conditions.



Brand- Goodwe
Country- China
Warranty- 10 years

    • Efficient and reliable power generation
    • In-built monitoring system: you can monitor your system from anywhere anytime
    • Compact size ideal for small space
    • Easy to mount and requires minimum maintenance.


Brand- SMA
Country- Germany
Warranty- 10 years


    • Extended operating temperature range ideal for Sri Lankan opical climat
    • Higher degree of efficiency to give you uninterrupted power.
    • Online monitoring capacity so you can check the power system anywhere, anytime
    • 10 years of manufacturer warranty
    • Reliable, trusted technology. SMA has been around for decades.


Brand- Chint
Country- China
Warranty- 10 years


    • Long lifetime and Increased reliability
    • Maximized energy harvest
    • Reduced power loss resulting from shade, dust and debris
    • Simple design with Plug and Play  installation
    • Improved safety with no high voltage hazards
    • Easy installation

How to Select Net Meter System

Our Products

Solar Panel

A range of Solar panels for domestic & commercial clients from the leading international manufactures with over decade of manufacturer warranty.


All the main ranges of inverters from the leading brands with guaranteed durability and performance to the price that fit the budgets of the clients.


Stainless steel railing & racking systems for solar panels, inverters & other related items installation


High quality electrical wires from the leading manufactures in Sri Lanka with guaranteed protection and durability.

Electrical Protection

Achieve the highest possible protection against the unexpected electrical and other accidents with our reliable electrical protections products

Other Mounting Item

Stainless steel hardware items for mounting and fixing solar panels & inverters on the rooftops and walls with guaranteed strength and durability

Electrical Switches

High quality switches for domestic and commercial solar panel installation with the guaranteed performance and durability

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