Elephant Fence

Solar Elephant Fence

We provide electric fencing solutions against wild elephants and other wild animals. Our electric fence are human-safe but provide strong guard against wild elephants.

The expanding settlements and farming areas has resulted in conflicts between man and the animals. This is especially true with the increasing hostility and conflicts between the man & the elephants. Both parties have experienced severe loss and damaged as a result of these conflicts and numerous solutions have proposed and implemented to curb the direct confrontations in vain.

The only way to ensure that man and the beast co-exist peacefully is by erecting non-lethal high voltage electric fences, which repel the animals without harming them. The government and nongovernmental organization funded programs are erected in the rural localities around the island.

Oktan Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd has partner with this endeavor by providing energy efficient solar powered electrical fences since most fences have to be built in remote areas where mains electricity is not available.

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