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Join the latest trend of opting to alternative and renewable energy and install a solar system that helps save the planet and your wallet…!
Oktan is the one stop shop for all the best alternative energy solution products in Sri Lanka. We introduce a number of solar powered products that has become a worthy investment to you and the country.



We manufacture No. 1 quality products using imported and high end materials and cutting edge technology.

FREE transport and installation

There is NO need to maintain our solar systems by any means.

Installed by qualified technicians and electrical engineers

We Provide 100% Eco friendly solutions

Our solar systems can generate electricity for more than 20 years



25Yrs Guarantee on Solar panels,

10Yrs Guarantee on Inverters,

Mostly 35,000Hrs last the bulb

Our energy system would benefit our clients with higher savings by cutting energy cost





Our contribution to the world

Through our eco friendly solutions we have contributed to the sustainable development of the world.
CO2 Emissions Saved (TONS/YEAR)
People Powered
Avoid Deforestation (YEAR)

It’s High Time that we opt for solar power. Why?

Keeping one step ahead in using the sun for our day to day activities, we have stepped into an era where solar power is used as an alternative energy source. Here is why all of us should opt for solar power.

We have enough solar power

Being closer to the equator our country possesses an abundance of solar power throughout the year. These systems can hold up to three to five days of power to be supplied without interruption with the battery backup systems. Thus, even in the rainy season the system provides enough power and even the slightest insolation can be used to generate power.

Cost effective

In a time where a number of new electric devices have been introduced to the household and your life has become easier with electricity, do not let money be a hurdle to access a modern life style. Once a solar power system is installed at the household or business place, there is no monthly cost your wallet has to keep up to. This is one of the wisest and the worthiest investments you can invest in.


The cost effectiveness of this alternative power option is high since it is durable. Oktan manufactures only the internationally reputed and quality products and they confirm to be durable. Since they can also be used for a long time without any technical malfunction, they create the perfect option that comes to the rescue of your budget along with the economy of the country.

We can save the planet

Concerned about environment pollution, global warming and other natural hazards that are caused as a result of endless destruction springing from the harmful gases and dioxides? You can start from your own household to save the planet by opting to renewable energy sources like solar power. Be an example in the neighbourhood and we can contribute to the preservation of the planet.

Easy Installation

Solar systems are easier to install than a standard electricity system and does not take much time at all to be installed with the use of several bolts and essential wiring. If you ever had the fear of solar system installations to be difficult and time consuming, it is high time that you change the mind to eradicate such thoughts and embrace a totally cost effective and eco friendly power solution.



Our company, as a basic ethos included in the philosophy follows quality and it has taken us far into the success we have achieved today. We under any circumstance do not compromise the quality of the products and the services that are provided.


Customer service

The greatest asset of the company is the customer base we have been able to maintain over the years. The customer service centre of the company attempts to carter into the needs of the customers after understanding their specifications. Added to that the after sales service we provide is up to the satisfaction of the customers.


Safety standards

The products manufactured by the company conform to the international health and safety standards. (Example, SUS3042B food grade stainless steel plates) In addition, all the interior and exterior components are corrosion free, thus ensuring the safety and the hygiene of the products.



Oktan Marketing, along with its proficient research and development team tries to introduce safe, durable and high quality products to the market of products powered by renewable energy solutions. Thus we constantly and often introduces innovative products.


Oktan Marketing Services (Pvt) Ltd. is the one stop company to satiate all your alternative power solution products and services.
We introduce a number of products that are powered by the solar power and let you enjoy a huge cost effective solution.

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